The 4 type of gay characters you’ll try and embody in your pursuit for gaypride.


The five type of gay stereotypes you’ll try to become.

1). Shane McCutcheon from ‘The L Word’

The girl with too much eyeliner and emotional issues. A bit like Effy stonem except think more badass, think more gay. You’ll probably start donning ripped jeans, a tight wife beater and no bra. You’ll walk into a club, lean up against the sweaty walls and watch the filthy people move in a sloppy rhythm. You’ll look hot under the sallow lighting of too much strobe lights and you’ll probably know it too. You’ll pull a girl, one that stares at you with starstruck eyes and you’ll ask her to take you somewhere more private. She’ll take you back to her place and you’ll slam her up against her door to kiss her until she’s slick with it. After you’ve fucked her into her shitty mattress, you’ll light up a cigarette — she’ll…

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